Questions and answers!
1. What are my favorite treats? A. The one in my mouth, although I have a special fondness for the ones in Lorrie Taylors file cabinet at the library!
2. How do I keep warm in my trailer? A. I love the snow and cold weather. It is the heat that I don’t like.
3. Should I buy another bike to ride in the winter? A. If you have a Mt bike you can ride dirt roads all winter without much problem. For single track and right after storms you need a Fat Bike.
4. Should I bring my bike in for a tune-up in the winter or wait until spring? A. WINTER! that way when that first nice day in the spring comes you will be ready and not waiting in line on your bike to be finished.
And that’s all of them. Thank you to everyone that I met this year. I am looking forward to seeing you all in 2018!